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Slaughter House opposition: A Vision

Slaughter House installation by Civic bodies is a sensitive issue and always agitate animal lovers. Union and State Governments are providing Grants with open hands. In name of shifting old slaughter houses from inside Cities and installing out side city limits heinous animal killing scams are in execution.

Situation: Provision of Slaughter house  installation is existing in Municipal Corporation Acts. There are stringent Acts and Rules also to STOP illegal Slaughter Houses and safeguarding precious animal lives.But under the shelter of Fundamental principles of Constitution of India different Honorable Courts had provide Stay in favor of butchers tightening Police and Government hands.
I had the occasion of inspecting Slaughter houses of Karnataka and Kerala under the Direction of Hon'ble Supreme Court of India as In charge of Karnataka & Kerala of Animal Welfare Board of India, Govt. of India and could place the mistakes and opinion which were upheld and circulated by the Honorable Supreme Court to whole nation.
Municipal Slaughter Houses are given on lease at very low cost which is seen insufficient even  in keeping part time sweeper and for depend on government doctors for Ante mortem  & Post Mortem which is total in non existence, compelling the consumer to eat contaminated .
Old Slaughter places are normally seen with in city limits and to follow Rules and Honorable Court Guide lines, public opposition starts when Civic bodies proceed for new slaughter house and in result Citizen and consumer faces the consequence .
It is a fact that majority of population is found non vegetarian but it is also a fact that maximum do not eat Cow beef or Pig Pork.
·        It is also true that slaughter brings pollution, Disease, Character loss, shortage of water, bad smell like bad elements. slaughter in public place and  vision of Carcass after slaughter attack public and religious sentiments and hurt public mental. It is also a fact that animal  is also a God creation and Gift and its killing attacks environment and makes national agriculture and employment unprofitable. I can place many facts against slaughter house installation. 
·         Union and State Acts and laws are not mum or dumb on this issue. There are many statuary provisions and even our honorable Courts have taken cognizance and issued directions on the subject, time and again. 
·                        Provisions of Acts and Rules?
        Central Pollution Control Board, Ministry of Environment and Forest, Govt. of India directs that The new slaughter house shall be located in accordance with CPCB guidelines viz., the Slaughter house shall be located outside or on the periphery of the City / town and shall be away from the Airport. Main services as water, electricity and waste disposal facility are prerequisite
         PCA (Slaughter House) Rules,2001 (3) The municipal or the other local authority specified by the Central Government for this purpose shall having regard to the capacity of the Slaughter House and the requirement of the local  population of the area in which slaughter house is situated, determined the maximum number of animals that may be slaughtered in a day. 
        Constitution of India Fundamental Principle Section 51-A(g) Section 243(W) Schedule 12 & Section 21, Directive principle 48 (A) etc are discussed and established by Honorable Supreme Court of India and different Honorable High Courts 
        Honorable Chief Justice Sri Ramesh Chander Lahoti constituted Constitution Bench of 7 learned Judges and decided against Fundamental right of Slaughtering of Cow progeny. In  Writ Petition 309/2003 preferred by Sri LN Modi VS Govt. of India & others, Hon'ble Supreme Court is monitoring Slaughter houses and directing again and again. Latest one was the direction of constitution of State Committee on Slaughter Houses with Retired District Judge as its convener. The main consideration is to shift old slaughter houses running with in Cities to out side city, To reduce pressure on Sanitation line, to crack down and close illegal slaughter houses, etc.
        Honorable Karnataka High Court while rejecting prayer of Butchers association in WP 44529/2001 directed Mysore Corporation
     “ It is quite clear that there is a lot of opposition for the functioning of the Abattoir and it does not appear to be with out reason. While functioning of an abattoir may be necessary in order to harvest meat, at the same time, it is equally important to ensure that it is done in a proper manner and without causing hazard to the public health and their religious sentiments.  It  has also transpired during the arguments that authorities are looking for a suitable place to locate the abattoir that could ensure that slaughtering takes place without putting public health at risk. In these circumstances, it would not be fair and proper to give direction as aught for by petitioner-Association. Instead it would be just and proper to direct the authorities to find a suitable place for location of the abattoir while at the same time taking care that such location does not expose the public to any health hazard”.
6   In July, 2014, Honorable Andhra Pradesh High Court upheld the prayer on violation of Capacity clause of PCA (Slaghter House) Rules, 2001.
7   Parliament (Rajaysabha)Petition Committee under the Chairmanship of Sri Bhagat Singh Koshiyari MP received thousands of petitions against Slaughter Houses and issued worthy directions against nationwide slaughter houses installation. 

it can be seen that  Union & State governments and Civic bodies are proceeding for the installation of Modernized Mechanical Slaughter Houses  spending valuable Taxpayer money against public sentiment and in violation of different statuary  obligations . It agitate public and commence long agitation, unrest, strikes, etc. In this cover, illegally running slaughter activities goes unchecked compelling the consumer to consume unhygienic, contaminated, illegally produced meat. 

We have to think on the subject today and precede towards the solution Some facts: viz;
Slaughter house is an industry and vocation like a flour mill, spice mill, bread factory etc. and not the social requirement. 
·         Corporations are not authorized to install or run slaughter house for export
·         Corporations are not authorized to install Slaughter houses in City limit
·         Civic, District, State & Central Authorities and Administration shall work to close illegal slaughter in their respective capacities and areas jointly and severely.
·         Civic bodies provide these installations on lease on such low fee which even not sufficient to employ part time sweeper where is the question of a Vet. Doctor.
·         Civic bodies normally do not consult local public before deciding about location or capacity. Even the consumption pattern and need is not seen assessed. Availability of required animals is not ensured. like pork is nonreligious in Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs thinks even touching of Cow beef inauspicious, Jains and Vaishnavs even do not relish look of meat.
·         Civic bodies shall consider the availability of number of different Animals and their utility in Agriculture and other trades 
·         Responsibilities and issue to dealt by Civic bodies are very large hence they shall avoid this anti public, polluted activity of slaughter house installation.

If the Civic bodies still decide to proceed than they shall   ensure in advance the proper implementation of different statutory obligations and directions and decisions pronounced by different honorable Courts.
·         Location and Capacity fixation of the proposed Slaughter house shall be determined with public survey,   notification, meetings and all other methods to avoid onward public unrest.

·         State Committee on slaughter Houses appointed by Hon'ble Supreme Court  be consulted and its prior approval be obtained for proposed Slaughter house.  

·         The Committee shall inspect and call for public objections, if any before its approval. This Committee also owns the responsibility of stopping illegal slaughter activities in the state.

·         Union and State governments, Banks and Financial institutions  and specially Food Processing Industry Ministry of Govt. of India shall ensure much before sanction and financing such projects and shall take public in to confidence before proceeding in the matter.
 I am certain that if above suggestions be implemented than we can save huge public money, millions of speechless animals and public opposition. It will provide new dimension to Agriculture and rural development. NOT PINK BUT GREEN  REVOLUTION  will come in the Nation.

Dr. SK Mittal B. Com (Hons) LLM., Ph.D
Email: awbikk@gmail.com Mobile: 09980246400 

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