सोमवार, 17 दिसंबर 2012

GIR Breed Cow - Brazil Success Story

Baif is not only the oldest but also most highly supported institution by Govt of India for nearly sixty years..
1. In my personal understanding Baif got carried away initially by  free gifts of HF semen for AI and supply of AI technology.  HF cows are Bos Taurus and Indian cows are Boss Indicus. One produces A1 milk the other produces A2 milk. Their genes DNA do not match. Now  every body now knows and is confirmed not only by experience of Brazil but also our own Indian veterinary community cross breeding with a  different specie does not lead to success for more than two generations.  Only F1 crosses have been better milk producers . F2 and subsequent generations fail to provide higher milk production. For western countries it does not matter they can always slaughter their less productive cows. Thus Baif should have laid greater stress on upgrading Indian breeds  by genetic selection  of better quality cows. Secondly despite the entire Govt and veterinary force behind AI in the last 60 years, not more than 20% of Indian cows are benefiting by AI. That benefit is also a matter of serious doubt.
2. AI also has many disadvantages . The principle disadvantage is  AI can not guarantee  to provide service free from  inbreeding .  Only natural service can ensure this.
3. Nearly 80% Indian cows and buffaloes depend on natural breeding by stray often diseased bulls. No serious effort has ever been implemented to withdraw stray bulls and provide good breeding bulls to the rural community. 
4. Green Fodder is the best cheapest feed for cows. Brazil can afford excellent pastures for its cows.
Indian veterinary experts under guidance of west have been working on prepared concentrated  that often lead  highly adulterated feed mixtures. These are not only expensive but have very little improvement in production of good quality cheap milk and higher fat contents and ignoring the importance of  unsaturated fat contents.
5. Hydroponics fodder alternative can be an excellent alternative to availability of large pasture lands. But due to historical reasons the entire Indian veterinary and agriculture community is fighting shy of  this .
6.  It is also very important to note in India cattle feed security is not a subject of any ministry. It is assumed that agriculture waste will provide the necessary cattle feed inputs and private commercial cattle feed producers will help . This situation is obviously not a satisfactory solution for India to improve its milk productivity and quality.