बुधवार, 10 सितंबर 2008

What is our aim Banning slaughter or saving Cow progeny ?

Some of my friends ask about action of this party or that party. Some ask non action. Some say running of slaughter houses. These are some observations for discussion

Dear don't be in panic.

Illegal transportation and is the seen in every corner irrespective of BJP or Congress. Karnataka is not 1st ruled by BJP. Same condition is is all other BJP ruled states.

Economic crime has to be dealt with measures

With out Bill Sale is natural phenomenal in each and every street, in spite of being Crime. Reason is economic and greed of quick money.
We have to deal the problem at all fronts. At govt , NGO, Math & ritual leaders level,Political and Economic front.

The moment you say violence, it gives tool in their hands.
Butchers approached Hon'ble High Court invoking their Fundamental rights of trade and asked for permission till they are provided legal place for slaughter. Court accepted & issued direction.

Now, when Government proceeds for slaughter house construction, we get violent and start opposition.
In fact we fight for the machine instead of actual fight of saving the raw material i.e Cow progeny which has been given strong protection in law.

Instead of asking the proper monitoring of these legal slaughter houses and cracking down on illegal slaughter places, some so called leaders for cheap publicity misguide Vegetarians.

keep in mind State is having 62% Non veg population so I always differentiate in Prani Daya & Goraksha. The moment we say prani daya we loose majority and when we say cow safety even some |Muslim and Christan sects joins hands.
We have to clear our concept i.e what is our target
Veg Vs Non Veg?
Prohibition on Slaughter of all animals?
Safety of Cow progeny ?
Your comments and questions on the subject solicited

kya vastav me yaha karnataka me gayo ke katlakhane he..aur agar he to bjp ki govt hote hue bhi ye sab allowed he..kya maharastra me bhi is tarah ke katlakhane hain..is se bura bharat me kya ho sakta he ki jis desh me gomata ki puja hoti hein usi desh me ye mahapap ho raha hein.........is congress govt supporting all this.. i want to die listening this kind of news.cant we do something ag

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