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: Suggestions for Budgetary Provisions for GOVANSH & Sampurn Gram Vikas

Honorable Chief 13th July,2008
Government of Karnataka
Sub: Suggestions for Budgetary Provisions for GOVANSH & Sampurn Gram Vikas
Hon’ble Janapriya Chief Minister, Sri BS Yeddyurappa, Sir,
Welcome to the Land of Sri Maa Chamundi , Mysore ,
Sir, A well thought idea of taking public mind in to consideration shows your concern towards real people’s service and state Development
Karnataka Goshala Mahasangh ® is representing one Hundred Goshala of Karnataka caring and Maintaining Cows and its progeny, functioning under the divine blessings & Honorary Presidentship of Sri Sri Sri Balagangadharnath Mahaswamiji, Peethadhipathi of Sri Adi Chunchangiri Mahasamsthana Math patronized by Sri Sri Deshikendra Shivaratreshver Mahaswami Ji of Sri Suttur Math & Sri Sri Ragheshver Bharati Mahaswami Ji
Apart from our request for constitution of Karnataka Goseva Ayog some of the vital suggestions are for your kind consideration here as under:
We want to touch most alarming issue of Rural Development, employment & improvement of Standard of living. Great thinker and our H.E. Ex- President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam ji in vision 2020 provided (PURA) Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Area.
69% population of Karnataka is living in 56682 habitations 27017 Revenue villages having 1.04,034 KMS of Rural Roads but 80% is non asphalted usable for Bullockcart transportation
Karnataka is blessed with livestock (cow & its progeny) of 10.5 million & Buffalo 4.5 million apart from other animals. The cumulative estimated bull power is 120 million HP. It generates 52.5 million MT of Cow Dung & 30 million KL of Gomutra.
14 KGs of Cow dung provides one KW/hour. Total quantity available or say 52.5 million Tones of Cow dung can generate 3727.5 million unit of Energy equitant to RS 186.6 Billion.
Moreover, same, 52.5 Million MT of Cow dung if commercially utilized, can change the Village scenario. If converted into wormy compost (the cheapest mode) can solve State Fertilizer problem by contributing RS.157.5 Billion/ year.
Bull power ,If utilized in cultivation, Water suction, inter district transportation and other uses can solve Rural employment problem and also can provide drinking water, Electricity and help Provide Urban Amenities in Rural Area (PURA).Apart from benefit of Health & Hygiene, better crop pricing, gain to exchequer “ Purn Gram Swrajay”
Example: A village with 100 families or say 500 persons & 200 Hectare cultivated land requires following:Drinking water 100 LTR/ day per person = 50 KL
Light 2 connections each house or say 0.2KW X 100 =20 KW/ hour unit X 3hr = 60 units
Cooking Gas 200 GMs X 100 = 20Kgs / day
Milk 200 ml X 500 =100 Ltr / day
Phenyl 5lt X 100 X 12 KL Ltr / year
Soap 500X2X12 =12,000 PCs
Fertilizer 200 Hectare X 5 MT =- 1,000 MT
Pest Repellant
Agro produce Transportation 200 Hec. X 10 MT = 2,000 MT
Human local Transportation
Cultivation ,
Fodder Cutting
Flour & Spice Mills, other Cottage Industries needing Prime Movers
A village, if having 400 Cow & Its progeny can fulfill all above requirements . How?
· Cow dung generation 3.5 MT per animal / year = 1400 MT or say 4000 Kgs /day and in turn can provide 300 KW/ hour units of energy /day
· 1,400 MT of Wormy Compost
· 20 % Milking animals =80 X 5Ltrs =200Ltr /day
· Prime Mover & cultivator
Honorable Sir, If properly utilized, there will not be a single house unemployed in the Model village apart from connected with Electricity, Cooking Gas, Fertilizer and also production of different products for self con consumption and marketing
Requirements: Each village will need Bio Gas plant, Bull Driven Bore well, Overhead Water Storage Tank, Water supply Pipe Lines, Gas Supply Pipe Line, Electric supply system apart from proper training programs
BUDGET : 2008-09 :Honorable Sir, We are already in Mid of July, 08 having 8 months in this Fin. Year With our little knowledge and experience, we are submitting following suggestions for your consideration.
1. At least 5 villages in each of 30 Districts can please be adopted
or say 150 villages with budgetary grant of RS. 25.00 Lakhs each RS 37.50 Cr
2. Budgetary Support for Special Industrial Zones based on products RS. 10.00 Cr
3. Of cow & its progeny.
4. Subsidy on Production of Wormy Compost @ RS. 500/= per MT on 5,00,000 MT
5. Products from cow dung & Cow urine shall be exempted from VAT & levies, if any) RS. 25.00 Cr
6. Local Breed improvement & fodder Subsidy to Below Poverty Line RS.15.00 Cr
7. Budgetary Grant on Purchase / installation of Bull driven Tractor, Bullock Cart
Bore well and other prime mover devices 25% RS. 5.00 Cr
8. Budgetary Grant on Bio Gas energy generators
9. 2KW -15 KW RS.50,000 per KW RS. 5.00 Cr
10. Budgetary Grant to Goshala, Pinjrapole, Infirmaries Animal shelters
on the basis of number of animals@ RS. 1,000/- per animal (50,000) RS. 5.00 Cr.
11. Karnataka State Go Seva Ayog (As assured) RS. 5.00 Cr
12. Research Development & Special courses activities needs special attention RS. 2.00 Cr
The available State Live Stock of 15 million is capable of :
1. Clear message to all about our concern about Cow & its progeny in turn bringing animal lovers, breeders, farmers to party fold .
2. Complete Village Development & providing Urban amenities to 56682 villages
3. Improved Health & Hygiene of our citizen
4. Rural employment to 5 million unemployed
5. Revenue Generation
6. Saving on Electricity consumption resulting into saving of precious State funds
7. Saving of Petroleumconsumption in turn saving environment & also precious foreign Exch .
8. Getting marketable Carbon Credit worth more than expenditure
9. Exploitation of Cow dung, Cow Urine & Bull power based generation of available source of more than 2,00,00 Cr / year with in 5 years
10. Saving precious lives of speechless animals .
11. It can be connected with SGSY Scheme, Naroga Scheme, Centrally sponsored Accredited Rural Water Supply Scheme, farmers participation apart from State budgetary Grant
Honorable Sir, The above proposed RS. 100 Cr provision in Budget 2008-09 is not a very big amount looking the results
Undersigned, wish your kind self a great success in running State of Karnataka for at least 20 years and will be available for information, required, if any on the subject.
With highest regards
Yours in service to people of Karnataka & Gomata
Dr. SK Mittal President
Karnataka Goshala Maha Sangh ®
Member Nat. Exe Com BJP Govans Vikas Prokost
Animal Welfare Board of India Govt. of India: Member (2007)
(Helping hands are more holier than speaking lips)

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