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Project for upliftment of Tribles in Mysore district

Sadar Namashkar,

I recall our discussion we had yesterday on Subject of improvement of Living & livelihood of ADIVASI friends by use of Bull power, Bio Gas and also many products which can be made at their level. I was asked to write on the subject

Area: I feel that out of working all around the Nation presence of FTS is very well in HD KOTE Taluq of Mysore district. HD Kote Tq. Is app. 200 KMS from State Capital & 60 KMS from district Head Quarter. The Villages considered is further app. 30 KMS from HD Kote Tq. HQ. & 20+ Kilometer road is non asphalted & non Motor able.

The Standard of Living of these ADIVASI friends is extremely low. They are always in stress from Forest Department for their livelihood as even for fuel they are dependent of Jungle wood being illegally cut by them.
Seminar on Industrial Prospects Based on Cow Progeny & its products held on Saturday, 23rd August, 07 in association with FKCCI & NABARD & your good self as our beloved Chief guest, could open new horizon not only for Industrialists but for Rural economy and development also.

There are scores of items which are needed by villagers .I projected this kind of development to honorable Chief Minister few days earlier which is here as under:

69% population of Karnataka is living in 56682 habitations 27017 Revenue villages having 1.04,034 KMS of Rural Roads but 80% is non asphalted usable for Bullockcart transportation
Karnataka is blessed with livestock (cow & its progeny) of 10.5 million & Buffalo 4.5 million apart from other animals. The cumulative estimated bull power is 120 million HP. It generates 52.5 million MT of Cow Dung & 30 million KL of Gomutra.
14 KGs of Cow dung provides one KW/hour. Total quantity available or say 52.5 million Tones of Cow dung can generate 3727.5 million unit of Energy equitant to RS 186.6 Billion.
Moreover, same, 52.5 Million MT of Cow dung if commercially utilized, can change the Village scenario. If converted into wormy compost (the cheapest mode) can solve State Fertilizer problem by contributing RS.157.5 Billion/ year.
Bull power ,If utilized in cultivation, Water suction, inter district transportation and other uses can solve Rural employment problem and also can provide drinking water, Electricity and help Provide Urban Amenities in Rural Area (PURA).Apart from benefit of Health & Hygiene, better crop pricing, gain to exchequer “ Purn Gram Swrajay”. Example: A village with 100 families or say 500 persons & 200 Hectare cultivated land requires following:
Drinking Water 100 LTR/ DAY per person= 50,000 Ltrs
Light 2 connections each house or say 0.2KW X 100 =20 KW/ hour unit X 3hr = 60 units
Drinking water 100 LTR/ day per person = 50 KL Cooking Gas 200 GMs X 100 = 20Kgs / day
Milk 200 ml X 500 =100 Ltr / day
Phenyl 5lt X 100 X 12 KL Ltr / year
Soap 500X2X12 =12,000 PCs
Fertilizer 200 Hectare X 5 MT =- 1,000 MT
Pest Repellant
Agro produce Transportation 200 Hec. X 10 MT = 2,000 MT
Human local Transportation
Cultivation ,
Fodder Cutting
Flour & Spice Mills, other Cottage Industries needing Prime Movers
A village, if having 400 Cow & Its progeny can fulfill all above requirements . How?
· Cow dung generation 3.5 MT per animal / year = 1400 MT or say 4000 Kgs /day and in turn can provide 300 KW/ hour units of energy /day
· 1,400 MT of Wormy Compost
· 20 % Milking animals =80 X 5Ltrs =200Ltr /day
· Prime Mover & cultivator
Honorable Sir, If properly utilized, there will not be a single house unemployed in the Model village apart from connected with Electricity, Cooking Gas, Fertilizer and also production of different products for self con consumption and marketing .
Mysore :Taluq Hobli GramPnct. In habited Un habited..... Cow ........Buffalo

...................7 ........33 .......235......... 1216 .................124 .......524676 .......70219

Requirements: Each village will need Bio Gas plant, Bull Driven Bore well, Overhead Water Storage Tank, Water supply Pipe Lines, Gas Supply Pipe Line, Electric supply system apart from proper training programs.
Counseling for mental preparation
Training Program
Infrastructure Development for Raw material, Production, Marketing etc.

We have example of Agarbati industry in Karnataka in which lakhs of workers are engaged in different Job work whom the Raw material is supplied by final packers.

In this case also, same system can be adopted.
I propose that a Base unit shall be established at Taluq HQ.
Training shall be provided to prospective village entrepreneurs
Raw material, packing, Finance & Accounts, Marketing, Quality control, Exhibit, etc shall be dealt at this main Center.

A cluster of at least 25/50 house shall be made as a basic unit and initially, very easy items can be selected out of long list like Dhoop, Agarbati, Mosquito Coil, wormy compost, Pest Repellant, Mosquito Repellant Oil.

The Bull energy shall be utilized in each cluster by providing Drinking water, Electricity, Fodder Cutting, Cooking fuel apart from utilization of generated cow dung & cow Urine for production of value added items. .
The supporting government agencies are:

Ministry of Rural Development & Panchayat Raj of Govt. of Karnataka
Zilla Panchayat / Taluq Panchayat
Karnataka State Khadi & Village Industries Board
Agriculture Department
Forest Department
Co- Operative dept = Lamp Societies
SGSY Scheme of Union Government
Neraga Scheme of Union Government

Establishment of Base unit will need at least ½ Acre of Land and 10,000 Sq, ft of covered area, office Block , Residential quarters etc apart from an investment of RS. 50.00 Lacs.

These are few very vague ideas for your kind consideration and further discussion at length. I will be glad to associate my self with the project as and when & where, my services will be desired.

With regards
Dr. SK Mittal
Helping Hands are more holier than Speaking lips

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