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Environment & Forest Minister intervened to stall Mysore mechanized Abattoir : EIA Rules will be amended :National Guidelines for Site selection and operation will be framed

 Mysuru:30.5.2015 : Mysore Modern Mechanized Abattoir Opposition Federation thanked Honorable Union Environment Forest & Climate Change MOS { I/C} Sri Prakash Javedkar for stalling the Modern Mechanized Abattoir planned by Mysore City Corporation in Ward 46. Directions issued by Ministry to MCC, KSPCB decided to Stall the process on the base of  the representation of Federation. Dr. SK Mittal thanked the Honorable Minister for saving the residents of RS Naidunagar from Trauma and pollution. He also extended thanks to Union Law Minister & Ex Chief Minister Sri DV Sadanand Gowda & Mysuru Kodugu MP Sri Pratap Simha for their support and taking the matter to notice of Env. & Forest Minister, Food Processing Industry Minister Smt. Harsimrat Kaur Badal & Urban Development Minister Sri M. Vankaia Naidu.

The above abattoir costing RS.399 Million was planned with RS.150 million Grant from Min. of Food Processing Industry and 149 Million from Urban Infrastructure Development Fund of Min. of UD. which are also brought under scanner and stalled due to illegal Project Site. Federation Co convener and animal activist Dr. SK Mittal struggled and brought the matter to conclusion. 

During the discussion with Env& forest a anomaly was seen Environmental Impact Assessment Notification 2006 that slaughter
 House, Abattoir Meat Processing etc were not included . Minister directed that the Abattoir and Meat processing plant for Export be examined by Expert committee of the Ministry (Waste Committee) to bring them under 
the  provisions of the EIA Notification 2006 alongwith delegation to SEIAA upto certain level and size of the project.

Ministry also decided to develop  model guidelines on Site approval and operation of Abattoir and meat processing Plants with guidance from IL&FS Environment LTD/NEERI Nagpur

Addressing a Press Meet at Patrakartara Bhavan Mysore Modern Mechanized Abattoir Opposition FederationConvenor Mr. E Marutirao Pavar & Co Convener Dr. SK Mittal announced that 186 days old stir against the Abattoir has been  Withdrawn with heartiest thanks to Union Government, for the timely decision & Sri DV Sadanand Gowda, Sri Pratap Simha and Media for their support.

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