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New Year Wishes and few suggestions for 2015-AWBI 2.1.2015


Dr.MITTAL SK <awbikk@gmail.com> Fri, Jan 2, 2015 at 3:40 PM
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Greetings and best wishes
on Prosperous and Happy
New Year. 2015
On the eve of New Year, let us come forward to serve,& save speechless animals from Cruelty, illegal transportation, Slaughter, Sacrifice and use its power and products rural development, women empowerment, youth employment generation and as a tool of GDP growth.

Fodder is a big problem in whole nation. ministry of Agriculture is working with different Fodder development Schemes with suitable Grants. Copy is attached for information

Breed improvement is a big task. Again in Union Budget RS.500 million was allocated. I am glad to attach the latest note on the same.

Bull power can be utilized as source of energy. ,Ministry of Renewable Energy has Schemes on it. Earlier also AWBI worked on it. In this year I suggest that imitative shall be taken to make Animal Welfare organisations (Goshala) as self sustaining. It will attract Carbon Credit generation also.

Min. of MSME has chalked out the Scheme for Cottage and small Scale units. There are many products which can be made by using cow dung and Cow urine including medicine for 170+ deceases.  Marketing used to be a big bottleneck which is partially removed by Min. of MSME by making mandatory the purchase from these units.

There are 175+ Embassies and High commissions of India abroad. They are in constant touch with NRI. 
These NRI are certainly a big source of funding in the field of  Animal welfare. Think over this avenue and suggest to the Board. 

PCA Act,1960 thrust was on 3 tier system i.e AWBI in Centre, State Animal Welfare Boards in States and SPCA in Districts. After 65 years also nor all the States have Board nor All the Districts are covered with SPCA formation. Where ever SPCA are established, most of them even not taken recognition from AWBI where is question of functioning. Don't you think that a through survey, inspection and may be Regional and / or National Workshop / Seminar shall be planned in the year 2015.

It is time to think about work done in 2014 - Plan and fix targets for 2015 . From A B C D culture  we shall move from this culture to  R O A D as per our Hon'ble Prime minister Sri Narender Modi Ji.
We have dynamic, Experienced, dedicated Chairman whom I respected always as my elder brother. He is an asset for the nation in the field of  Animal Welfare. I learnt many things from him. I remember, when I faced attack on my life during inspection of Slaughter Houses. I would had left the job in between BUT to his whole heart support ,  encouragement and appreciation. 

This is the time to extend my warm and heartiest greeting and thanks to him through this message.

Dear friend, with my small experience of last 20 years, dedication, zeal, I am always available to assist you " not for improving my Resume" but I know that United we stand- divided we fall and here not we, but the speechless animal will fall.

with high regards and best wishes for the New year 2015
With regards
 Dr. SK Mittal B.Com (Hons) LLM, Ph.D
Member-Karnataka State Goseva Ayog Govt. of Karnataka

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