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Rajkot-Gujarat Seminar on 20.6.2012

Dr. SK Mittal
       B.com (Hons) LLM, Ph.D
National Co Convener BJP Cow Development Cell
Member & In charge Karnataka Kerala(07)
Animal Welfare board of India
Min. Of Env. & Forest Govt. of India
Member Kerala State Animal Welfare Board
Vice Chairman SPCA (r) Mysore
President Akhil Karnataka Goraksha Sangh (R)
President : Karnataka goshala Mahasangh(r)
Vice President All India Goshala Federation (r)
Dr. SK Mittal
 Chairman & Mg. Director 
Gauvardhan Organics P. Ltd
Kalamboli Steels Ltd

Sree Kunj  19, 3rd Block, 5th Main
Jayalakshmi Puram, Mysore 570012 (Karnataka)
 Ph:0821 3296036-4282005-4250205 Fax 4264005 Mobile:09980246400
         Blog: gaumata.blogspot.com

Gujarat Goseva Ayog program  at Hemu Gadhvi Hall Rajkot. on Cow Based  Industries & economy address by Dr. SK Mittal on Wednesday 20.6.2012
Vande Dhenu Mataram
Gujarat globally known for its fast development under the dynamic leadership of Sri Narendra Bhai Modi ji  with 196,0024 KMs 26 Districts, 225 Taluqas, 18225 Villages. A big industrial Hub, State, holds, 79.76 lakhs cattle which includes , In milk Indigenous Cow   13,34,414, Milch Indigenous Cow 20,03,554  In milk Crossbred Cow   3,97,177 Milch Cross bred Cow  524976  buffalo 87.74 lakhs, high-yielding famous breed of cattle and buffaloes. Like Gir and Kankrej of cows and Mahesani, Jafarabadi, Banni and Surti breeds of buffaloes makes the State to earn nearly about 5% GSDP

This sector also contributes to product nutritive food,  rich in animal protein, to the general public and good supplementary income to the economically weaker section of society like  small farmers, marginal farmers and agricultural laborers. In addition, it offers a good employment generation opportunity, if adopted on  large commercial basis.

I take you few decades back when we could not had imagined cultivation, transportation, Water suction or say any activity with out Cow progeny. Kamadhenu, Nandi, Brashabh etc holistic names were given to this creature of all mighty. It used to be central pillar of Rural living, economy and development BUT due to greed and for quick income, we started neglecting GOVANSH.

I am associated with largest Panjrapol of south India serving 3,500 cow progeny and as Member and Incharge for Kerala & Karnataka of Animal welfare Board of India, Government of India, I could see the route cause of slaughter is economics. Unable to spend RS30/40 per day on Non milking Cattle breeder sells for RS 3-4000 whereas butcher gets 30-40,000  per Cattle   by the sale of beef, bone, Blood, skin etc.  

Illegal Transportation & slaughter of Cow and its progeny : The heinous crime starts from Government lands at APMC Yards and on the strength of Health Certificates issued by Animal Husbandry Dept, travels under the nose of R.T.O, Police, APMC officials and Check posts. Poor speechless animals are transported from one corner of State to other corner & crosses inter state borders, most cruelly & mercilessly slaughtered without observing any hygiene, Law, Act & Rules. Sale of carcass can be seen without any certification, violating Municipal Rules & Regulations. 
This heinous criminal activity estimated to billions/year. This animal & carcass trade is going on, unchecked, providing contaminated meat to consumer and putting heavy burden on exchequer. It is resulting in to depletion of live stock, high unaffordable price of Milk & milk products, penetration of milk made from Urea &; detergent playing with the health of our next generation, non availability of organic compost, apart from hurting public sentiment  of compassion towards speechless animals.
The result is the Moksh pradayini, Kamada, Sukhda Gomata is seen as unproductive, and brutally killed every day at every corner and also sent to other States to run their slaughter houses.

But, at what cost? Unimaginable loss to exchequer, GSDP, employment,  The unmindful killing of this speechless animal is resulting in great loss of health, hygiene, employment and village prosperity.
Do you know that: 8 million Cow Progeny generates not only lakhs of Kiloliter of Milk BUT also generates around 25.million Tons of Cow Dung & 16 million KL of Cow Urine. It can provide you app. 60,000 Megawatt Source of Power.

Total quantity available or say 25 million Tones of Cow dung can again generate 1750 million unit of Energy equitant to RS 75 Billion. Moreover, same, 25 Million MT of Cow dung if commercially utilized, can change the Village scenario. If converted into wormy compost (the cheapest mode) can solve State Fertilizer problem by contributing RS.100 Billion/ year.

Bull power ,If utilized in cultivation, Water suction, inter district transportation and other uses can solve Rural employment problem and also can provide drinking water, Electricity and help Provide Urban Amenities in Rural Area (PURA).Apart from benefit of Health & Hygiene, better crop pricing, gain to exchequer " Purn Gram Swrajay" as mentioned by Great Scholar H. E. Ex- President of India Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam .

Each of Gujarat 26 District are blessed with around 3,lakh govans providing ample generation of precious Cow dung  Cow urine.

In terms of quantity, each District is generating app. 3 million MT of Cow Dung ,0.6 million KL of cow  urine .This huge regularly generating, unending source of Raw material is totally ignored by we the Industrialist friends.

Gujarat State is served by nearly 900 Goshalas & Panjarapols. As per Goseva Ayog 2.2 lakh  Cow progeny are saved in these NGOs which ate producing 9,500 MT Milk.  As per number there shall be regular availability of more than  7,5 Lakh MT. Cow Dung & 5.Lakh KL of Cow Urine every year. If this available raw material can be purchased  for Industrial consumption at  say RS.2 per KG RS.5 per Liter can certainly make these NGOs self sustaining.
Where it is going today? Though it is still a source of Organic fertilizer BUT still a big portion is going unutilized through our drainage system to our Tanks, Rivers & exchequer’s money is again being spent on reclamation.

Due to mechanization and change in use even the cheapest part Compost is discarded and costly synthetic fertilizer with huge foreign exchange Expenditure is imported, subsidized & given to farmers. This huge quantity is forming slit and increasing the water level and billions of Rupees are spent by Government towards Subsidy on import of synthetic fertilizer.

I can tell you that score of items can be made successfully as a business proposition. Some of the items I will tell you now. Bull power & Bulls pair is still a great desire in heart of many farmers. This not only provides power and Water but can be a big source of inter district transportation.

The cumulative State bull power can be estimated at 60 million HP. It generates 25 million MT of Cow Dung & 25 million KL of Gomutra. As Biogas from 14 KGs of Cow dung provides one KW/ hour energy.

Whereas we have untapped market of products made by the use of Cow dung and cow water. List of Items is attached here for your reference. We will be glad to associate & provide you further information, if any, as and when needed.

Dear friends, my visit to China as Government of Karnataka delegate in 1993, when China was opening, was eye opener. There I found the best use of National resources by industries in stead of depending on Imported stuff.

Today, whole country is in acute shortage of Petroleum and foreign Exchange. Dollar has appreciated to RS.56 Petrol has crossed RS.70 per Ltr. I will like to quote McDonald a Multinational, who started recycling its. Waste and started earning more than Dollar 3 Billion /year.

It is right time to start thinking towards Raw material and energy source available next door and its proper utilization
By the inspiration of Mananiy Sri Om Prakash Ji, I decided to prove the same in practical and commenced Gauvardhan Organics Pvt. Limited for utilizing Cow Dung & Cow Urine to produce Particle Board, Organic Phenyl and many other products. It is running successfully at Mysore.
Let us discuss the prospects of Cow Progeny & its products:
·        Availability of 25 million MT Cow dung & 16 million KL of Cow Urine
·        Increase in availability by 10% / annum
·        Concern of Gujarat government towards trapping each and every source including even Solar energy will also be attracted toward Cow progeny based Industrialization.
·        Due to availability across the State in each and every District & Taluq & even Village, the other benefits are tremendous.
·        Not only raw malarial but Bull power can be utilized as source of Energy like wind or solar energy.
·        Percentage of profit is so high as on today, that entrepreneur will be able to recover its cost with is shortest period. Break Even Point will be 15-18% of planned installed capacity.
·        Looking the high Crude oil price and every day threat of its reaching RS.10,000/ barrel. Sudden devolution of Indian Rupee from RS.45 to RS.56 per USD, in couple of months,  is a big threat to industries in countries like India. We have to plan and start using alternate source of energy and Raw material
·        Environment, Ecology & Forestry is  national wealth. Today, wood based industries has been put in Red Zone by  Governments & Supreme Court of India.
·        Ozone layer is in danger due to heavy use of fossil fuel. Carbon Credit is a good source of earning by reducing dependence on petroleum
·        Health of nation is can be taken care of by using more and more organic products and reducing dependency on synthetic production. Installation of industries based on above raw material fulfills this commitment.
These above mentioned items have tremendous scope and So this Seminar.
At this Juncture, I want to request Honorable Chief Minister & Honorable Ministers to provide Infrastructure, Special Industrial Zones, Model Villages, Subsidies, Concessions, & Grants to motivate Industries, based on Cow Progeny as under
1.      Announcement of Special Industrial Areas in each District & Benefits to industries based on use of Bull power, Cow Dung & Cow Urine as available in No Industries Zone
2.      Easy financing with reduced interest rates
3.      Preparation of Schemes for different products
4.      Creation of Cow dung & Cow urine collection centers
5.      Preference of purchase of Cow Progeny based products made in Government Purchase Program
6.      Inclusion of cow progeny based products & services in MSME priority list
7.      At least 5 villages in each  District can please be adopted  with budgetary grant to make them self sustaining with Electricity, Water, Fuel, Organic Manure and production units        
8.       Support for Special Industrial Zones based on products  of cow & its progeny    .         
9.      Subsidy on Production of Organic Manure.
10.  Products from cow dung &  Cow urine shall be exempted from VAT & levies, if any                         
11.  Grant on Purchase / installation of Bull driven Tractor, Bullock Cart Bore well and other prime mover devices                                                              
12.  Grant on Bio Gas and Bull driven energy generators 2KW -100 KW  RS.50,000 per KW. 

Bull Power:
·   Use as Prime Mover in Cottage & Small Scale units viz
·   Water Suction
·   Minor Irrigation
·   Cultivation
·   Oil Expeller,
·   Flour Mill
·   Spice Mill,
·   Fodder Cutting
·   Thresher
·   Sugarcane Crasher
·   Bull Driven Tractor
·   Pneumatic Tire
   Bullock Cart
·   Local & Inter District Transportation
·   Electricity Generation smallest to Large Scale
Consumer products
·  Particle Board
·  Fuel Briquettes
·  Skin Doors
·  Tiles
·  Writing Paper
·  Packaging material
·  Furniture Plywood and Board
·  Mosquito Coils
·  Phenyl
·  Wall Distemper
·  Shampoo
·  Soap
·  Hand Wash, Latrine & Blue powder
·  Dhoop
·  Gomay Aushodhi
·  Samidha Powder
·  Shaving Cream
·  Face Cream
·  Tooth paste
·  Mercury
·  Automotive Fuel
·  Cost effective Housing
Medicine& Healthcare
More than 100 formulations as per Ayurveda can be manufactured for curing 170 + diseases including Sugar, Heart, Stomach, Cancer, Aids

Milk & Milk Products
·     Gee
·     Curd
·     Butter
·     Butter Milk
·     Confectioneries
·     Sweets
·     Cheese with different flavor
·     Ice Cream
·     Vansh lochan
·     Panch Gavya

Cow Dung-Cow Urine
·      Organic Fertilizer
·      Wormy compost
·      Samadhi Khad-
·      Sing Khad –
·      Pest Repellant
·      Bio Gas
·      Electricity generation
·      Cooking fuel
·      Lighting agent

Leather & Leather based items
Jacket, Water Carriage,
Storage bag,
parts of agriculture implements    

Tool of Rural Electrification, Drinking Water, Irrigation, Carriage & Transportation, Prime Mover etc, There is great scope for R&D inputs of  modern scientific and technical  investigations to make many more value added products from cow wastes and Bull power For example  in USA value added tested vermin compost retail price is 1$ per pound There is world wide shortage of phosphates which can be extracted because from recycling of cow bones .Methane recovered from Biogas is a very viable source of green energy.

Carbon dioxide recovered from Biogas is also a very good value added product. In fact after intensive chemical engineering R&D, have produced commercially viable Cellulose & fillergrade excellent  Precipitated Calcium carbonate from Biogas for  Plastic Industry. R&D in cow products for application in Medical, Industrial  and agricultural applications offer a great opportunity for our budding scientists towards green environmental friendly areas in which cow plays a pivotal role. Patent on Gau Mutra Distillate needs more effort for commercial benefits.
Billions of Rupees worth of above items are required every day by 60 million Gujarati families or 1210 million Indians and can be produced with indigenous know how and from few thousands to multi crore investment, as per individual capacity. For example, you can generate electricity by single bull by investing few thousands and can also install Slow speed wind turbine of 1 MG KW by few Crore investment.

You can start Phenyl production with few lakhs and can also install Particle Board Plant with few Crores BUT I can only say that all are profitable. Apart from huge profit potential, if you, the elite class of Society, come forward, than, it will certainly will bring new Era of industrialization in the State, providing employment to millions, Healthy food, and a holistic life.

I am sure, that Gujarat Goseva Ayog, under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Vallabh Bhai Katheria will come forward as a Catalyst and will help interested entrepreneurs and also will put a strong case to State Government for State industrialization by Cow progeny based units

Dear Friends, Let us join hands, and show this world that Cow Progeny is Kamadhenu not only in terms of words but in real and come forward to industrialize the State of Gujarat, in turn, providing Employment-Rural Development, Healthy generation, and prove GOMATA _ Cow Progeny-Kamadhenu ECONOMY and prosperity RAM RAJYA for NATION.

Wishing you all a great experience in this Seminar
Yours in service to Nation

DR. SK Mittal 

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