शुक्रवार, 20 अप्रैल 2012

            You are one of the top INDUSTRIALISTS of India. We are looking for such PIOUS PERSONS who are possessing shares more than 100  crores. Gandhiji had suggested three projects in which, if huge amount is invested, huge profits can be made, and object of saving Mother Cow as well as Bharat Mata can also be attained.
1. To buy all cows from cattle markets at higher price. You can keep such cows in vacant land of your industry or purchase land for this purpose and produce power from Gobar Gas and bulls. Manufacture and market Bio fertilizer, bio pesticides from cow dung and cow urine. If you can make medicines, sky is the limit of profitability. (Tea Garden/Jute Mill owners can do this)
2. To sell milk at cheapest possible rates. – Buy milk from villages; make ghee and other value added products. Goras Bhandar of Wardha, Jaipur, Varanasi are earning huge profits. (Any one can do so)
3. To buy dead bodies of cow and make use of its skin, etc.Seeng & Samadhi Khad can multiply investment. Leather exporters can do this work comfortably.
You can take our advice or other expert’s suggestions how to run these 3 projects, making huge profits. You are requested to invest 10% of money & Time in shares in any project of your choice. You would not lose anything; rather you would gain a lot. Say you have 100 shares, market rate- 80, value=8000/-. You sell 10 shares= you still have 90 shares, market would increase within 6 to 12 months to 100/- total value of your holding would be 9000/- plus your 10% investment on cows will also go on increasing year after year, and give immense profits every year and UNLIMITED PUNYA.  As each cow gives a calf every year, Maximum capital appreciation is in this field only. It is certain to make your human birth successful. You need not worry about your son, who is also having equally large portfolio.  Great saint of India - Syt. Hanuman Prasadji Poddar,who politely refused to take Bharat Ratan, had said-               GOSEVA SE SIDDHA HO SAHAJ CHATUPURUSHARTH;
       You know the political condition of country is not stable. Any bad news or disclosure of scam can cause crash in the market and your portfolio may reduce substantially. Any mishap in the industry in which you hold maximum shares, may also affect the size and value of your assets. Cow is considered to be the real asset. Goddess LAKSHMI dwells in GOBAR. You know better and more regarding importance of cows for our country and future generation.
       May all be happy, May All Animals be saved, May all Human beings be VEG. . May World Peace be attained soon.

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