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Suggestions & Request for consideration in Maharashtra State Budget 2011-12

Hon’ble Chief Minister, Sri Prathviraj ji Chauhan JI,
Maharashtra State with 3.08.000 Sq. KM area, 35 Districts, 353 Tahsils, 378 Town, 41095 In habited & 2616 Un habited Villages serving 9,68,79,000 population 16.1 million Cattle Stock . This Cattle stock can be a great source of Rural Development, Youth & Women empowerment, employment creation, ecology and environment safety, prohibiting Cow slaughter,  reducing village to urban  migration .and improvement  in State Exchequer
2011-12 State Budget is under preparation and we take this opportunity to request you to consider the following :- 
1.    Announcement of Special Industrial Areas in each District & Benefits to industries based on use of Bull power, Cow Dung & Cow Urine. as available in No Industries Zone
2.       Preference of purchase of Cow Progeny based products made in the State in Government Purchase Program
3.    At least 5 villages in each  District can please be adopted  with budgetary grant of RS. 50.00 Lakhs each to make them self sustained with Electricity, Water, Fuel, Organic Manure and production units        
4.    Budgetary Support for Special Industrial Zones based on products  of cow & its progeny    .         
5.       Subsidy on Production of Organic Manure @ RS. 500/= per MT
6.       Products from cow dung & Cow urine shall be exempted from VAT & levies, if any)                         
7.       Local Breed improvement & fodder Subsidy                                                                 
8.       Budgetary Grant on Purchase / installation of Bull driven Tractor, Bullock Cart Bore well and other prime mover devices                                                              
9.       Budgetary Grant on Bio Gas energy generators 2KW -15 KW  RS.50,000 per KW  
10.  Budgetary Grant to Goshala, Pinjrapol, Infirmaries Animal shelters on the basis of number of animals @ RS. 1,000/- per animal  (50,000)                                               
11.  Research, Development & cow Progeny based courses activities needs special attention     
12.  Constitution of State Cattle Preservation & Development Board / Commission.
Note : Hon’,ble Sir, Maharashtra State Cattle Stock generates Cow Dung app. 65 million MT & Cow Urine 45 million KL. 14 KGs of Cow dung provides one KW/hour. Moreover, same, Cow dung if commercially utilized, can change the Village scenario. If converted into wormy compost (the cheapest mode) can solve State Fertilizer problem
Bull power ,If utilized in cultivation, Water suction, inter district transportation and other uses can solve Rural employment problem and also can provide drinking water, Electricity and help achieve Vision of H.E.Ex President of India  Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam  Urban Amenities in Rural Area  (PURA).Apart from benefit of Health & Hygiene, better crop pricing, gain to exchequer " Purn Gram Swrajay"

Example: A village with 100 families or say 500 persons & 200 Hectare cultivated land requires following
1.    Drinking water 100 LTR/ day per person = 50 KL
2.    Light 2 connections each house or say 0.2KW X 100 =20 KW/ hour unit X 3hr = 60 units
3.    Cooking Gas 200 GMs X 100 = 20Kgs / day
4.    Milk 200 ml X 500 =100 Ltr / day
5.    Phenyl 5lt X 100 X 12 KL  Ltr / year
6.    Soap 500X2X12 =12,000 PCs
7.    Fertilizer 200 Hectare X  5 MT =- 1,000 MT
8.    Pest   Repellant 

9.    Agro produce Transportation 200 Hec. X 10 MT = 2,000 MT
10.  Human local Transportation
11.  Cultivation ,
12.  Irrigation
13.  Fodder Cutting
14.  Flour & Spice Mills, other Cottage Industries needing Prime Movers

v      A village, if having 400 Cow & Its progeny can fulfill all above requirements . How?
v      Cow dung generation 3.5 MT per animal / year = 1400 MT or say 4000 Kgs /day and in turn can provide 300 KW/ hour units of energy /day 
v      1,400 MT of Wormy Compost
v      20 % Milking animals =80 X 5Ltrs =200Ltr /day 
v      Prime Mover & cultivator
Honorable Sir, If properly utilized, there will not be a single house unemployed in the Model village apart from connected with Electricity, Cooking Gas, Fertilizer and also production of different products for self con consumption and marketing
Requirements: Each village will need Bio Gas plant, Bull Driven Bore well, Overhead Water Storage Tank, Water supply Pipe Lines, Gas Supply Pipe Line, Electric supply system apart from proper training programs

The available State Live Stock is capable of :
1.Clear message to all about our concern about Cow & its progeny in turn bringing animal lovers, breeders, farmers to party fold .
2.Complete Village Development &   providing Urban amenities to all villages
3.Improved Health & Hygiene of  our citizen
4.Rural employment  to 5 million unemployed
5.Revenue Generation
6.Saving on Electricity consumption resulting into saving of precious State funds
7.Saving of Petroleum consumption in turn saving environment & also precious foreign Exch .
8.Getting marketable  Carbon Credit worth more than expenditure
9.Exploitation of Cow dung, Cow Urine & Bull power is available source of Women empowerment, Rural Development , Micro & Small Scale Industrialization. Health of the State
10.  Saving precious lives of speechless animals   .
11.   It can be connected with SGSY Scheme, Narega Scheme, Centrally sponsored Accredited Rural Water Supply Scheme, farmers participation apart from State budgetary Grant

Honorable Sir, The above proposed provision in Budget are not very big amount looking the results and further revenue generation for the exchequer
We are sure that all above suggestions will attract your valuable attention and will be part of State Budget 2011-12 Undersigned, wish your kind self a great success and  will be available for information, required, if any on the subject.
With high regards,

Dr. SK Mittal   (B.Com (Hons) LLM, P.hD                                              
National co Convener                                              
BJP Cow Development Cell

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