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DT.15th Dec., 2009

Hon’ble Agriculture Minister

Government of Uttrakhand


Honorable SRI Trivender Singh Ji Rawat,

Jai Gomata,

On behalf of 250 million National & 2.5 million Cow progeny of Uttrakhand most out of 10 million GO BHAKT Uttrakhand residents, & my behalf, I extend warmest thanks Uttrakhand Government & personally to your good self for thinking towards industrial development of the State through utilization of products & waste generated by Cow Progeny and arranging High Power Committee meeting in Chief Secretary’s Meeting Room on 11th November, 2009 at 4 PM.

To recall, meeting was presided by your good self, blessed by Honorable Sri Bal Krishan Ji Acharya of Patanjali Yogpeeth, Respected Principle Secretary & officials of Agriculture, Horticulture, Forest, Animal Husbandry & other concerned Departments, Uttranchal Utthan Parishat Vice President Sri Chandola, Mr. Vinod Arya of Swadeshi Pharmecy, BJP State Treasurer & Uttrakhand Industries Association President Mr. Anil Goyal & many others. Many issues concerning to State Development, Animal Safety, Pollution control, restriction on Forest Fire apart from Setting up of COW DUNG & AGRO WASTE BASED 300 CUBIC MTR / DAYPARTICLE BOARD PLANT & OTHER ORGANIC PRODUCTS PLANT AT UTTRAKHAND was discussed and our request & submission of a Joint project in Public Private Partnership was principally agreed. & we were asked to send a formal detailed Project Report for evaluation and further action.

We were on the job for taking all aspects in consideration for formation of Project with the help of Technical experts, financial aand other concerned valuable advisers before presenting the same for your and Government of Uttrakhand’s consideration.

Government Policy In 1997, the Supreme Court restricted the cutting of trees for manufacturing plywood as it required huge quantities of fresh wood and other ligneous wastes. Faced with the task of developing environment-friendly technology for industry due to guidelines issued by the Supreme Court, entrepreneurs are realizing the cost-effective potential of such technologies and innovations. Apart from all kind of enragement for Agro based, Rural industry for employment generation.

Gauvardhan Udyog Ltd has planed to produce particle board and pharmaceutical & FMCG products by the use of non-conventional raw material, cow dung, Cow Urine ,Cow Milk, Agro & Forest Waste & rural man power.

LOCATION : As per the choice of Hon’ble Chief Minister & Cabinet as basic Raw material is available in whole State

Land Requirement :10 Hectares .

Electric Power : 2000 KW

Workers : 500 Directly

Advantages Apart from other general advantages our project will be a boon for the Rural development and village empowerment by

1) Purchasing cow dung & cow urine at best price.

At present breeder is not getting any money or RS.200-250/- per MT for cow dung whereas we propose to pay RS. 1500/- per MT Total quantity estimated at 200000 Kgs per day

Cow urine- there is no use and buyer till date where as we propose to pay RS 4,000/- per Kilo Ltr. It will bring a market Government of Uttranchal has announced opening of Cow Urine Dairy .

2) Our project will work as a Training Center also for the interested breeders & Farmers in many products which they can make and supply

3) We will be providing Organic products made by the use of Cow dung & Cow Urine in turn will help in health & hygiene of the area population.

4) Our project will provide employment directly thousands families and indirectly to whole area of families of the State

5) Our project will save ecology by saving lakhs of trees every year by producing app. 1.00,000 MT Particle Board apart from Organic Wood Sticks (Havan Samidha), Gojal (Distilled Cow Urine) Hand Wash, Shampoo, Mosquito Repellant Coil & Liquid , Craft Paper, & many innovative items.

6) Our project will generate revenue for the state with projected turnover of RS. 5 Billion / year.

Process The basic raw material used in the manufacture of particle board will be cow dung. This will perhaps make it the first particle board manufacturing facility using cow dung as the raw material. Particle Board emerging as a viable alternative in designing office furniture, Construction, Sound speakers, Lamination and automation products in inland & overseas markets as compared to wood /Ply Boards. Domestic demand has been posting over 10,00,000 MT a year with annual growth of 10%

Technical Know how We will use a technology developed by DR. SK Mittal with his vast experience, for which Patent is also in process, for the manufacture of particle board from cow dung, , making the end-product cheaper than the conventional products available in the market. The range of products included Particle Board of varying thickness ranging from 8 mm to 45 mm. Depending on thickness, different compositions of up to 80 per cent cow dung mixed with binder & fibrous material like Coir/bagasse according to required application.

We have also planned for the manufacture of allied cow progeny waste based products, which was expected to begin production by the next fiscal year..

Marketing Uttranchal State itself are consuming thousands of tones of Particle board importing from Bangladesh- Indonesia and also from Maharastra & Gujarat by spending freight RS.4-5/- per Sq.feet.

Plant & Capacity We propose to install Particle Board Manufacturing Plant with 300 MT / day Capacity size 4' X 8' & bigger size Boards with required lamination, coating, reinforcement which will be consuming Dry cow dung app. 200 MT / day (generated by 50,000 Cow progeny) 1,00,000 MT/year

Cow Urine Distillation Plant with 3500 Ltr/ day Capacity. 12000 KL/ year

Cow Milk Processing & Khova making unit with 20,000 Ltr/ day capacity / 7000 KL/year

Many other required plant & equipments

Project Cost is estimated in 1st phase at RS. One Billion with 25% Equity participation, 25% Subsidy & 50%Project Funding by Financial institutions.

With social and rural uplift ,savior of Cow progeny, Health & Hygiene, women empowerment we feel that this unit be established in Public Private Partnership with suitable allotment of Land, equity, Project financing, Subsidized procurement , Tax holidays, Marketing preferences in State Government Purchases etc.

We are hopeful of attracting your valuable attention, Sanction,& release to enable us to implement the project with shortest possible time and serve Cow progeny, Rural & Women empowerment, Ecology & environment

Please find enclosed the Project Report for your kind consideration. We will be glad to submit information, if any, desired &request your kind selves to please sanction the Project and enable us to serve human & humane creation of almighty

With Regards

Yours in service to speechless animals

DR. SK Mittal Chairman

(Helping Hands are more hoiler than speaking lips)

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