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Project profile for the production of Cow based FMCG items

Gauvardhan Organics Pvt Ltd-
Project profile for the production of Cow based FMCG items in Mysore
Introduction: Gauvardhan Organics Pvt. Ltd was incorporated with the aim and object of production of several organic items  mainly based on Cow waste like Dung, Gaumutra etc used as consumer products. Company is having a strong base in Mysore Karnataka and launched world’s 1st Cowdung based Particle Board production .  Viewing the strong availability of Cow Dung and Cow Urine NOW company want to enter in the production of many other items like Phenyl, Mosquito Repellant Oil etc. Hence this Report
Introduction To Govardhan Organics pvt Ltd
Govardhan organics pvt ltd is established by Dr. SK Mittal. Dr. Mittal is a famous Socialist of Mysore. He is a director of Animal Welfare board of India (Karnataka). Dr. Mittal is serving his life in this Programme from last 30 yrs. He has been awarded uncountable awards national and internationally. He is nationaly renoud in name of Gaubhakt. Cow was really very closer to him in his entire life. He serves his life to protect the breed of Indian breed of cow and he started the programme how to protect the cow in ths society by economical mean as wellas the farmer which were selling their cow to slaughter for there daily use of bread and butter. Dr. Mittal has complete there PhD from Law and took a promise with himself that he will introduce the law in the favour of this innocent animal. This entire sentences will very short to introduce him as a Gaubhakt
Location: Company has in possession of Land and Building in Alaganhalli, Belagola Hobli, SR Patna Tq situated app.5 KMS from Mysore Railway Station. A Shed measuring 2000 Sq. feet is earmarked for the project with office Rooms etc. Industrial Power is already connected required for the project
Commencement of 4 major product in 1st phase.
1)      Govardhan mosquito repellant Oil.
2)      Govardhan Phenyl.
3)      Govardhan Washing powder.
4)      Govardhan Dhoop Batti
Land for Factory.
1 acre land require for the factory setup
Bifurcations of factory as per work
1)      Distillation plant area.
2)      Refilling area.
3)      Labeling of product.
4)      Area required for Packaging of product.
Ingredients required for the product.
1)      Cow Urine.
2)      Cow Dung.
3)      Pine oil.
4)      Herbal ingredients for Dhoop batti.
5)      Cow Ghee
6)      Saw dust.
7)      Perfume oil.
8)      Foaming agent.
Machinery required
1)      Distillation Vessel.
2)      Furnace.
3)      Churner.
4)      Chakki
5)      Measuring beaker.
Product wise costing.
       Mosquito Replant oil
1)      Til Oil @                                                                          95/- per liter
2)      Gomutra ark @                                                             15/- per liter
3)      Perfume Oil @                                                               50/-
 20 ml transparent bottle-                                                         4/-
Label for 10ml                                                                            
Packaging cost                                                                           4.00
1 liter Til oil + 1 liter Gomutra Ark+ 10ml perfume
Selling Cost for 10ml mosquito replant oil @ 20/-
Govardhan Washing powder
1)      Dry cow dung or ash of cow dung @                           3/-per kg.
2)      Foaming agent @                                                           85/- per kg.
3)      Perfume @                                                                      35/- per kg.
4)      Packaging @                                                                     
5)      1 kg polythene covers @                                                 2/- per kg.
1kg cow dung ash + 100gm foaming agent + perfume. Selling Cost for Govardhan Washing powder 40/-
Govardhan Phenyl.
1)      Gomutra Ark @                                                                      15/- per liter.
2)      Water
3)      Pine Oil @                                                                              130/- per liter.
4)      Perfume @                                                                             540/- per liter.
           Gomutra ark 60% + 30% water + 10% pine oil + perfume
Total cost @                                                                                      16/- per liter
Packaging cost Bottle @                                                                 09/- per liter
Label @                                                                                                   . 60p per bottle
Box @                                                                                                 02.0/-
Selling Cost for Govardhan Phenyl 45/-
 Govardhan Dhoop Batti.
1)      Cow dung @                                                                              3/- per kg.
2)      Cow Ghee @                                                                         400/- per kg.
3)      Hawan samagri @                                                                100/- per kg.
4)      Chawal @                                                                                  30/- per kg.
5)      Saw dust @                                                                                 7/- per kg.
    70% cow dung + 10% hawan samagri + 10% saw dust + 5% chawal + 5% ghee
    Selling Cost for Govardhan Dhoopbati 60/-
Labor & Man power Requirement
Semi Skilled Labor
Marketing                                                                                    RS. 20,000-00 per month
Financial Details
Land & Building                               available                      Rent
Plant & Machinery                          part available                                  RS.1,00,000-00
Raw Material
Raw Material Cost RS.9,000+RS.60,000/-+RS.1,10,000/- +15,000/- = RS.2,85,000/-
Labor Exp:                                                                                                        RS.25,000/-
Fuel & Power                                                                                                   Rs.25,000/-
Packing  Cost                                                                                                    RS.60,000/-
1)     Govardhan mosquito repellant Oil 20 Ml Bottle Rs.4/- per bottle5000  RS.20,000/-
2)     Govardhan Phenyl                         RS.5/- per LTR                                5000 RS.25,000/-
3)     Govardhan Washing Powder       Re.1/- per kg                                  5000  RS. 5,000/-  
Govardhan Dhoop Batti                Re.2/- per pack                              5000RS.10,000/
Total cost                                                                                                         RS. 3,95,000/-
Sale realization
4)     Govardhan mosquito repellant Oil 20 Ml Bottle Rs.20/-/- per bottle  RS.1,00,000/-
5)     Govardhan Phenyl                         RS.65/- per LTR                           5000 RS.3,25,000/-
6)     Govardhan Washing Powder       Re.40/- per kg                             5000  RS.2,00,000/-  
7)     Govardhan Dhoop Batti                Re.60/- per pack                           5000RS.3,00,000/-
MRP RS.                                                    RS.9,25,000/-
Less Marketing Exp @40%                     RS.3,70,000/-                                RS.5,55,000/-

BEP = 5,55,000 – 3,95,000 = 1,60,000/-  35,000 X100 / 1,60,000 = 21.88%

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